Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It has begun

Hi to all. It's not my first record in this blog, but I had no chance to introduce myself in previous posts. In this post I'm going to fix this unfortunate mistake.

My name's Danil. I'm ukrainian student and am studying computer science in university.  You might have guessed on the basis of my project's choice, but just in case I will specify that I really love computer games.

Now about news. Of course, main news is MY GSOC PROPOSAL HAS BEEN ACCEPTED!!! What does it mean in practical plane? In practical plane it mean that during the next 4 month you'll read in this blog how I'm writing "Testing framework for ScummVM". I promise that will do my best to make this blog not very boring to read.

What can I say else? Fortunatelly, in this year Ukraine choosed for EURO2012 soccer champ. Our goverment pay a big attention to this event, therefore my university's exams begins and ends early, so I'm almost pass them and ready to work right now. 

Maybe it's all that I can say in introduction. So see you later in next post after I do some work and be able describe any interesting technical details

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