Saturday, June 16, 2012

Recorder GUI

It's time to make gameplay recording more user friendly, cause rewrite config time every time when we want to record or to playback isn't very fun. So we've begun work on GUI for recording and replay. First of all, I once again changed initialization routine of recorder, totally removed it from engines and call it at same time when the user choose game, so it became even better and transparent.
Then I've change naming of records. Now name for recordfile generates as <game>.rxx, where xx is number of recordfile. For instance: kyra1-cd.r11
Use cases for choosing records are very simmilar to loading from savefiles. So recorder dialog going to be very simmilar to load savefiles dialog:

At the moment, it have minimal functionality: it can record gameplay to new file, playback choosen record and delete existing records. Next week I want to add few more interesting features :)

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  1. Oh crap. this will bring much confusion with multi-file .RAR archives ;-)